My List of Things to Buy or Acquire


Here is a list of things I want and perhaps a description of why. If you see something better I should want please let me know!

Amateur Radio

DV Dongle

Being that I’m quite antenna restricted, by both the home owner and the association, this is perfect to get on D-Star without getting a radio.
I’m aware of a new version, or another product, coming out that will have local TX/RX capabilities so that you can use an HT around the house. Not sure how that would work, but could be pretty sweet too!

Computing Tech

Linksys WRT54G

I currently have some POS Belkin that I have to reset at least once a week. It’s also not DD-WRT compatible so I’m ready to move to something that is… a WRT!
I have an old ‘Fon’ router that I used to use a couple years ago and I plan on hacking that to various degrees but the WRT54G will just get a DD-WRT flash and leave it at that. Once I’m done hacking the Fon I’ll move to that and then begin hacking on the WRT54G.

20″ or larger CRT Monitor

I have put together what I currently call my OSGM (Old-School Gaming Machine). Built to be the most badass machine… if this was still the year 2000. Designed to play the best games from my childhood and perhaps a couple after that. In its belly resides:

  • Asus P3B-440BX Motherboard
  • Intel Slot 1 PIII-750 CPU (can be OC’d to about 1.2GHz)
  • 4x 256MB PC133 RAM (I’m not sure who makes it)
  • 3Dfx VooDoo5 5500 (my pride and joy)
  • SoundBlaster Live! Value PCI
  • 3Com Etherlink 905-B PCI
  • Hauppage WinTV PCI
  • 16-bit CardBus Adapter ISA (has two PCCard slots)
  • Maxtor 40GB UltraATA-133
  • Pioneer DVD-ROM Drive

It would be fantastic to have a CRT monitor to really see this machine in its glory, without ANY ghosting. In my opinion CRTs just look better when playing games and most older games do not support widescreen resolutions.