May 262011

Just opened. Loading coil casing is spray painted and smells like it. Whip is dirty, non-polished. Appears to be cut from rough stock. The whip base is brass but was sunk too deep and plastic from the coil casing was cleared away to allow for the set screw (which was missing) and a screwdriver shaft. Overall not quite sure the material used to build this thing was worth the $30. Going to try it out on the air and see how it works. If it fails, I’ll crack it open. Hell, I might just do that anyway.

The gentleman (I apologize for forgetting his name and call) I gave my money to at the table, in the first Southern row (by XWARN), said it would tune just fine but had no display or printout of an SWR graph or analysis. I knew way ahead of time that this thing would not be very efficient but I’m anxious to take it to my father’s and put it through his arsenal of test equipment. I have a nice SWR meter to put inline and I’ll probably throw out some calls with my 817 to see just how far I can get. Of course, without the set screw the whip just keeps going into the coil so I’ll have to wait for that to get it on the air.

I want to make sure everyone understands that so far the review is just on the packaging, construction, and materials. I’ll update this review further when I get it on the air. In the mean time, if you too have one of these and have comments, please leave them below! While we’d all love to think a two foot antenna can get us on HF, always remember…

Antennas have three attributes: size, efficiency, and bandwidth. Pick two.