Jul 142009

“Introducing Patent Pending Search 2.0” by RedZ Revolution Search

They seek to provide results by website snapshots to speed up your access to accurate results. Do they find it or put me to sleep?

“…most people do not have the time to patience to read through page after page of text based listings.”

That’s why the real goal should be giving us the most relevant results first. While I see that the company is trying to move the decision making more towards the human mind, you can not get around the fact that human thinking is linear.

“The Web sites are the results instead of plain ordinary text, allowing you to sift through massive data quickly.”

A computer is able to produce and cycle imagery faster that our mind can comprehend, at least that’s the common understanding. It’s therefore our own mind creates a bottleneck in the flow of information and decision making, not the method of display in my opinion.

It seems from information provided on their site, that RedZ is focused on presenting the data in a visual way, rather than a textual format. So what’s new? Seems like a gimmick and even potential advertisers on the WebHostingTalk forum are not buying it either.

Several site statistic sources are putting their daily visitors in the tens of thousands, so you’d have to rely on their network to provide good numbers for your money. They also don’t charge of pay-per-click so as to avoid the chance of fraud, another key component of their pitch.

I’m not impressed with what they are looking to provide, especially when there is already quite a bit of thought about how a website’s design affects the human mind and decision making. I don’t want that to have an effect on mine, and I like my results to be normalized; it’s one less thing to worry about.

For me, RedZzzz…

How I got here:

I was brought to them by a tweet by @suedecrush.