Jul 012010

So I’ve always loved the idea of StackOverflow and other Q&A site clones. They are simple, to the point, and makes it very easy to get an answer to a burning question. I know there are plenty of amateur radio themed forums, but those are really designed for discussion, not really a quick Q&A.

But now, there is a site where you can ask any and all amateur related questions and hopefully get a quick answer: BaconFrying.com.

It’s just getting off the ground so there aren’t too many questions there now, but the hope is that more people use it as another resource to get help quick when working on a project, or settings up an antenna, or even help with getting their license. While these kinds of sites live or die on the fact that people want to post their question there, instead of through another medium, such as Twitter or the various forums out there, they more importantly rely on the fact that people actually get their questions answered.

It can sometimes be a ‘catch 22’: if there are no questions, there’s nothing to answer, and if there are no answers, then people will not post questions. I’m hoping I can lean on the 21-century amateur radio community to help jump start the site and get it moving along.

If you have any questions please post them there, even if you know the answer! There’s no harm in answering your own question, and in fact, tends to be the case with most hams who seek out the community through different avenues. Did you come across a new bit of information that helped you become a better amateur? Just post up the question or problem that it can help solve and then provide the answer.

As is the case with any website that is wholly dependent on user-generated content: the more people that use it, the better it gets!

I’m always open to comments and suggestions about how to make the site better, so please don’t hold back!

Thanks and hope to see your questions on BaconFrying.com!