Nov 102009

So I got a notice from Twitter that I was being blessed with their new retweet interface and let me tell you, it’s creepy.

I mean, suppose you’re just checking your timeline for the 40th time of the day (don’t lie), and you’re expecting your usual group of profile pics that hopefully resemble your followed should you ever have the chance to meet them. These are people you spend a lot of face to pixel time with!

You turn away, just for a moment, forever needing to bludgeon the spam from your inbox, and when you look for that smile from that person you forgot you were following — AHHH!

Who the hell is this person and why are they invading my social space?! Did I leave the door open? Did my business card fall out of pocket in the parking lot?

Wait. No.

I’ve been subjected to what I’m now going to call, ‘bad bacon’. You know, that stuff that if you tried to eat it would probably chip your tooth; burnt to a crisp so bad it smells more of carbon than meat. Yeah, that stuff. It’s supposed to be good because you wanted it in the first place, or at least asked for it, right? Nope. Now, that desire for something tasty has left you subject to that which you might not want, and that’s meant in a non-insulting way to the awesome bacon you’re used to.

And why? Why do I have to be served this destroyed treat by Twitter?

Interestingly, the more I think about it, if you want people to use your new feature, then perhaps that’s how you have to cut out this ‘bad bacon’. You’re going to force me to use lists in order to see only tweets by those people who I follow? Wow, very nice play.

Even if they later allow for you to turn this off, I find it hard to think it’s going to be default. This is a perfect way to force the user to build lists which offer more metrics than even Google or Microsoft can shake a fist at. Influence, just check how many lists they’re on. I mean, they have virtually created Kevin Bacon!

It all comes full circle. Rather than letting the desktop clients use their loyal user base to help define how to better implement retweets, which mind you were not controversial enough to warrant this change, they’d rather force you to a feature they just released to mixed review.

Until they give me the option in my settings, I’m stuck with this bad bacon when using their web interface.

No thanks.