Apr 062009

I’ve gone ahead and updated the code to support templated image URLs. This makes for supporting a wider range of image sources much easier. This also means that it will be supporting more than just NCEP images, so the name and location will be changing soon. I may leave the NCEP version up just for those images on NCEP.

Because of the possible sources for images, I’ll be creating a new interface so you can add/remove any source you want from the viewer. I doubt those in the Plains will really want the DTX WRF runs.

And that’s the other addition to this version, the DTX WRF Hemispheric resolution runs are now available. Currently it only supports the latest run, so there’s no way to look at the previous run and the current, but new version are being worked on by DTX so stay tuned on that front. I may also incorporate some sort of archiving locally so I can support this feature even if DTX does not.

As always, let me know if there are any bugs or additions you’d like to see.